Dakar, 04.04.2014

Dear Sirs,

We wish to report that a meeting was held yesterday, 03.04.2014 by the Dakar Port Authorities to announce measures in response to the outbreak of Ebola virus in some countries of the sub-region (Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone).

Indeed, after the closing on 30.04.2014 of our inland border with Guinea, the Authorities have decided to extend preventive measures to maritime traffic as well.

To that effect, we thank Shipowners and P&I Clubs you to relay the following instructions to their vessels:

- All vessels arriving from any country with reported or suspected cases of Ebola (currently Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone) will have to be declared to the Authorities at least 24 hours in advance.
- These ships will be inspected systematically at anchorage by representatives of the Senegalese Health Authorities
- Any vessel bearing suspected cases amongst the crew will be immediately quarantined and forbidden to enter the port of Dakar (or any other Senegalese port).

These measures are effective immediately and will last until further notice.

Local Agents have already advised that carriage cost of Health Authorities from shore to vessels may require the use of launch services, which will then be charged to vessels.

As a reminder, the disease can transmit through direct physical contact (hand, mouth, …) or bodily fluids (blood, urine, faeces, …). Early-stage common symptoms are fever, muscle pain, headaches, dizziness & tiredness and nausea (all unfortunately quite common to most flu syndromes). Following symptoms are vomiting, diarrhea, coughing (all possibly with blood) and nose or mouth bleeding.

Recommendations to be made to crews are to:
- refrain from making physical contact with any person showing any of the above symptoms;
- refrain from purchasing/consuming meat from local forest animals (monkeys, bats, porcupines, agouti and all other kinds of local rodents).
- respect normal basic hygiene measures and wash their hands frequently.

We shall not fail to keep you updated on any further evolution of the above-described measures.

Best regards
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